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Pipeline Pigging

HTC Ltd has vast knowledge and experience of pigging pipelines both onshore and subsea for diameters up to 1200mm and lengths up to 100km.

With a wide range of pipeline pigs and pigging equipment in stock, we are able to supply pigs for swabbing, gauging, cleaning, abrasive cleaning, magnetic pigging, line-filling, water jetting, traceable pigs to locate obstructions or reductions in pipe diameter, dual-diameter pigs and batch separation pigs.

Pig location monitoring and detection is an important part of the services we offer and using electromagnetic transmitters combined with above ground receivers or diver-held subsea receivers, we are able to locate a pigs' position to within 0.1m up to a depth of 4m ground cover.

Our new subsea equipment has been used to successfully locate pigs positions offshore at depths of 20m as part of the BBL Project and we can design underwater pig launch and receipt facilities to suit various applications.

Another new deployment for HTC Ltd is working in conjunction with Land and Marine Project Engineering, supplying personnel, pigs, pumps and equipment as part of their patented Flow method for the marine installation of submarine pipelines, desalination intake lines and outfalls. This involves the use of pigs, propelled by water to sink pipelines into pre-dredged trenches, de-watering the pipelines and re-sinking for re-positioning if necessary, without deformation to the pipelines. Light wall pipelines to 1200mm diameter have been successfully installed using this method.

HTC provide cost-effective solution to pipeline cleaning. Read on...

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