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Pipeline Drying

On completion of hydrotesting, pipelines may require drying to exceptionally low dew points, to prevent hydrate formation, internal corrosion, freezing and product contamination.

HTC Ltd is backed by our sister company Airtechnique Services Ltd. With our combined expertise, we are able to offer a world-class comprehensive pipeline drying service to our Clients.


HTC Ltd has led the way in the desiccant drying process, most notably in the field of testing and drying aviation fuel pipelines. We have provided input to the Institute of Petroleum in the publication of specification IP 1594 "Internal Pressure Strength Testing of Airport Fuel Hydrant Systems with Water".

This has led to the pressure testing of aviation fuel pipelines with water and subsequent drying prior to commissioning, instead of using aviation fuel in the pressure testing process, with its inherent difficulties and potential environmental impact.

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